Custom Sheet Metals

CSK Climatek is a Brisbane based custom sheet metal company. Climatek specialises in servicing large applications like hospitals, supermarkets, office blocks and public places. If it is a customized steel works, replacement or repairs, we can service and provide maintenance for large area industrial applications.

Stainless Steel Sheet Metals

CSK Climatek are here to assist you with all of your custom sheet metal and custom sheet metal fabrication needs and assist you on your next project. We work closely with our customers to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your order and that your project is completed on time. We are manufacturer of sheet metal parts.It is our well-known level of service and our cutting edge technology that sets us apart from our competitors. Precision sheet metal of Brisbane is a leader in sheet metal fabrication. Our services require a high degree of skill, high tech machinery and thorough knowledge of metal working. We strongly believe that by incorporating the latest technology into our services we can provide our customers with outstanding results.

Sheet metal are restrained by rings and the plug is deep drawn into a top die cavity to achieve the desired end shape. There are various shapes that can be made through deep drawing and stamping including cups, pans, cylinders, domes and hemispheres, as well as irregular shaped products.

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Customized Metal Production

Sheet metal are light in weight, superior in strength and fireproof. Sheet metal or copper skylights are superior to skylights fabricated with iron because there is no expansion, less leakage and no glass that can easily break.

CSK Climatek sheet metal’s line of open metalwork sheeting is also ideal as protective screening for our custom skylights. Overall, there are more than 8 styles of glass options to choose from, and these skylights are available in copper, stainless steel, terne coated stainless steel and lead coated copper. Assist in preventing condensation by lessening ruinous moisture and humid atmosphere that are liable to rot concealed portions of the roof and infrastructure.