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Sheet Metals Brisbane

CSK Sheet Metals is a Brisbane based custom sheet metal fabrication business fully equipped to complete modifications of metal works. This can range from trolleys, benches to custom built Temperature & Humidity Controlled equipment.

Custom Sheet Metal Work sheet metal work

CSK Custom Sheet metal workers are a Brisbane based operation. We manufacture metal parts in compliance with customer’s design.

The products are shown here only to present the scope of our manufacturing activities, and are not for sale.

It takes more skill than a mig but the results are much better and you have more control over your welds.

Duty cycle is important but you also have more options when it comes to ac welders. The wave form of the ac, inverter or transformer based, the amount of setting you have to work with and so on. Most welding shops will have used machines, old rental machines or demos that they sell off. These can be had for a great bargain in Brisbane .Most welding shops/dealers have rental machines and electrical equipment..

Custom Sheet Metal in Brisbane can assist you with all of your custom sheet metal and custom sheet metal fabrication needs and precision sheet metal virginia assist you on your next project.

CSK Group specialising in custom Fabrication, sheet metal fabrication for trolleys, benches, technical equipment and all your other custom requirements. Custom sheet metal of Brisbane is a leader in sheet metal fabrication. Our services require a high degree of skill, high tech machinery and thorough knowledge of metal working.

Contact us for your personalized consultations, maintenance programs, custom sheet metal work, and ducting re-roofs, tear-offs, or new construction. Just call for your specific needs, we got it covered.