Types of air conditioning systems planned as part of project

Variable Refrigerant Flow

Variable refrigerant flow including central condense units among them invert compressors changing their output following to the energy consumption needed using internal units, therefor reduces significantly the energy consumption. The condensation units provide refrigeration (cool gas) in changing flow for number of internal air conditioners. Such as CSK Group commercial air conditioning, the refrigeration flow is set by controlled valves, to achieve precise temperature while consuming minimum energy.

Central systems to make cool or hot water

By using cooling/heating water units, with condense water or air and supply them using a system of water pumps and isolated water pipes.

Direct spread of refrigeration

Direct spread of refrigeration to large open spaces like sports halls for example.

Variable air volume

System based on units looking after air that supply air in variable flow as a function measured in the channels, that for providing different temperatures in different rooms. The control units in the various rooms control the flow supplied to each room.

Systems based on specific unit for fresh air

Split air conditioners and or inverter air conditioners.