Custom air conditioning systems for green building – energy efficiency systems

Custom air conditioning systems for green building – energy efficiency systems

Green building is a system-wide approach to planning, construction and operation of buildings, followed in the early design stage through to current operations, in accordance with the principles of environmental protection and saving energy and water.

The area of commercial air conditioning has major importance as a central issue in green building construction. CSK Climatek, the Temperature & Humidity Solutions division of CSK Group, specialise in planning air conditioning systems adjusted for low energy consumption, adapted to the needs of green construction and its demands. To get to minimum energy consumption and answer the needs of the green construction (following the Australian standard) there is a use of advanced technological elements:

Variable Refrigerant Flow

Variable refrigerant flow including central condense units among them invert compressors changing their output following to the energy consumption needed using internal units and therefor reduces significantly the energy consumption. The condensation units provide refrigeration (cool gas) in changing flow for number of internal air conditioners. Such as CSK Group commercial air conditioning, the refrigeration flow is set by controlled valves to achieve precise temperature while consuming minimum energy.

Heat Recovery

Central systems for the production of cold water with a dedicated heat recovery system, that heating water by using the hot gas line as early condenser and or as a substitute. The result of the use in technology is creating free hot water, as a by-product of the cooling system without extra cost. Another level in this technology is Cool Recovery allowing receiving free hot water while using units working as Heat Pumps to make hot water.

High Efficiency

Using water cooling units are defined as units adjusted to the predict consumption profile of the facility, means units with high COP (Coefficient Performance) which is used for measuring the efficiency of the water cooling systems at the planned flow and the planed work conditions. Choosing cooling unit with high COP allows efficiency at the work of the unit in maximum output and/or units with high IPLV (Integrated Part Load Value) or ESEER (European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). Both COPs are reliable measurement for the efficiency of the cooling units in percentage of partial load, means – changing outputs, allowing the get energetic efficiency in changing loads and changing outdoor temperatures.