Installing air conditioners

Installing air conditioning guide

Installing air conditioning is a complex which required quality, careful and professional work. The best quality air conditioning system will not work if it wasn’t installed properly, therefor there is a need to look after quality installation using proper air conditioning installation Brisbane (CSK Group) company.
Installing air conditioning isn’t a simple task, and there are many considerations and decisions to look into:

Power supply

Air conditioners are power consumers and the building’s electric panel must be adjusted for this. Many times there is a need to add or remove parts at the panel, and sometimes also to increase the power supply to the building. Such action needed to be done only by professionals whom are certified to do so and in coordination with the power company. Near the place of the installation of each cooling unit must be installed a suitable power point, if using existing electrical pipes and if the transfer of additional external line. The job must be done by a qualified electrician.

Installing the cooling unit

In the event of normal upper air conditioning install, the cooling unit isn’t very heavy and its installation is relatively simple – drilling few holes in the wall and hanging the unit using suitable screws. In the case of central air conditioner installation it is much more difficult. The project involves lowering the ceiling using plaster, hanging the central unit, transferring cooling channels to the rest of the building while building transitions to fit and creating openings suitable for walls, closing all ceilings and passages with sheet metals or plaster and finally a skid and paint – great complicated job.