Differential Centrifuge

About differential centrifuge

In differential centrifuge the process of the centrifuge is processed several times when every time the sediment at the bottom is being removed and the centrifugal force is increased. After few times of purification processes performed by sedimentation equilibrium and the desire layer is taken for further analysis.


Industry’s CSK Group laboratory equipment suppliers explains how those centrifuges work.

Since different particles are coming in different sizes and different densities, each particle settles different in minimum centrifugal force. Thus the separation of the sample to different layers will be by centrifugation of the initial particle (e.g. cell content after dissolution) under week forces, removing sediment and then exposing the lotion to growing centrifugal forces. Every time different but specific material will be found at the bottom as sediment. An educated cycle of the method will provide different layers representing different parts of the original sample.