Flotation Baths

Plain water baths and shaking – Metal

Water bath are designed to maintain a constant temperature of different cultures with the possibility of carrying. Regular flotation baths and vibrate are made of steel while this type of bath is coming with mechanical thermostat.

CSK Group provide variety of laboratory products among them many types of water bathes, acting as Laboratory Equipment Suppliers, CSK Group provide digital and analogic water bath up to 100 degrees. Water baths with two separate cells with 2 seprate temperature thermostat up to 100 degrees.

Another type of laboratory equipment water bath with temperature control is the one with dual and side transparent to heat extra sensitive samples that require constant observation of the heating material and full control of the temperature. Another option is laboratory water bath with water circulation – in a heating model only or heating and cooling model.

Polycarbonate water baths

Flotation bath made of polycarbonate, the price includes 18 months guarantee. The water bath comes with thermostat regulating the temperature of up to 100 degrees. The bath includes: thermostatic heating system and polycarbonate container. At the bottom of the bath pierced surface acting as shield to the heating body.

Laboratory water bath have many other possibility for extensions and additions such as transparent cover, stainless steel cover, cover with an open for bottles, net to hold the bottles and more.