Carbon Dioxide Incubator

Carbon Dioxide Incubator latest technologies

With the latest technologies for growing cell cultures platforms for large volume, the CSK Group CO2 Incubator designed the convenience of using and having a volume of 0.7m. In the chamber there is a precise temperature control, IR CO2 control and humidity.

In this unit there is a mechanism for removing moisture and heat automatically and makes cleaning during the night to prevent fungus and other infections. Temperature range is from 10C over the environmental temperature up to 60c and controlled by RTD in drift resistant that gives long-term temperature stability. The temperature sensor requires minimal calibration.

Standard Features

Standard features CSK Group the laboratory equipment suppliers contain much more.

Infrared CO2 sensor keeps the ranges of 0-20%. The sensor measures carbon dioxide only and after opening the door allows quick return desirable conditions, enabling cultures to remain constant pH levels.

The CO2 sensor gives great performance over time, so no need to keep track of the values with an external device or re-calibration.

The incubator comes with transport wheels and fits through standard doorways transition.

A horizontal flow diffuses the airflow on each shelf, no matter where in the chamber.

Internal units are made of stainless steel allowing easy cleaning and resistant to corrosion.

Heated 3 layered glasses reduces condensation on the door and helps return target temperature after opening.