Custom air conditioning systems for green building – energy efficiency systems

Custom air conditioning systems for green building – energy efficiency systems

Green building is a system-wide approach to planning, construction and operation of buildings, followed in the early design stage through to current operations, in accordance with the principles of environmental protection and saving energy and water.

The area of commercial air conditioning has major importance as a central issue in green building construction. CSK Climatek, the Temperature & Humidity Solutions division of CSK Group, specialise in planning air conditioning systems adjusted for low energy consumption, adapted to the needs of green construction and its demands. To get to minimum energy consumption and answer the needs of the green construction (following the Australian standard) there is a use of advanced technological elements:

Variable Refrigerant Flow

Variable refrigerant flow including central condense units among them invert compressors changing their output following to the energy consumption needed using internal units and therefor reduces significantly the energy consumption. The condensation units provide refrigeration (cool gas) in changing flow for number of internal air conditioners. Such as CSK Group commercial air conditioning, the refrigeration flow is set by controlled valves to achieve precise temperature while consuming minimum energy.

Heat Recovery

Central systems for the production of cold water with a dedicated heat recovery system, that heating water by using the hot gas line as early condenser and or as a substitute. The result of the use in technology is creating free hot water, as a by-product of the cooling system without extra cost. Another level in this technology is Cool Recovery allowing receiving free hot water while using units working as Heat Pumps to make hot water.

High Efficiency

Using water cooling units are defined as units adjusted to the predict consumption profile of the facility, means units with high COP (Coefficient Performance) which is used for measuring the efficiency of the water cooling systems at the planned flow and the planed work conditions. Choosing cooling unit with high COP allows efficiency at the work of the unit in maximum output and/or units with high IPLV (Integrated Part Load Value) or ESEER (European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). Both COPs are reliable measurement for the efficiency of the cooling units in percentage of partial load, means – changing outputs, allowing the get energetic efficiency in changing loads and changing outdoor temperatures.

Types of air conditioning systems planned as part of project

Variable Refrigerant Flow

Variable refrigerant flow including central condense units among them invert compressors changing their output following to the energy consumption needed using internal units, therefor reduces significantly the energy consumption. The condensation units provide refrigeration (cool gas) in changing flow for number of internal air conditioners. Such as CSK Group commercial air conditioning, the refrigeration flow is set by controlled valves, to achieve precise temperature while consuming minimum energy.

Central systems to make cool or hot water

By using cooling/heating water units, with condense water or air and supply them using a system of water pumps and isolated water pipes.

Direct spread of refrigeration

Direct spread of refrigeration to large open spaces like sports halls for example.

Variable air volume

System based on units looking after air that supply air in variable flow as a function measured in the channels, that for providing different temperatures in different rooms. The control units in the various rooms control the flow supplied to each room.

Systems based on specific unit for fresh air

Split air conditioners and or inverter air conditioners.

Design air conditioning systems in commercial, industrial, public and residential buildings

During the planning control, sophisticated efficient systems are integrated, allow complete control and the CSK Group commercial air conditioning facilities, while saving energy and troubleshoot malfunctions in advance.

Installing air conditioning systems

Over 7 years of operation CSK Climatek, and division of CSK Group, involved in hundreds of variety of projects in commercial, industrial, public and residential buildings installing air conditioning systems including:

Shopping centres and malls
Major energy centres for air conditioning
Building structures that require maintaining such high acoustics like conservatory, cultural and concert halls.
Residential buildings, residential towers and luxury residential projects
Bank Branches
Court Halls
Sports halls and gyms
Office Buildings
Complex industrial facilities
Smoke Release Systems from driveways, and buildings
Corridor weighting systems getaway and escape stairs
Schools and educational institutions

Unique Air Conditioning Solutions

Each project and with each client CSK Group match unique solution, designed to meet specifically the developer or the client’s requests, providing complete, full response to demands, needs and budget.

Installing air conditioners

Installing air conditioning guide

Installing air conditioning is a complex which required quality, careful and professional work. The best quality air conditioning system will not work if it wasn’t installed properly, therefor there is a need to look after quality installation using proper air conditioning installation Brisbane (CSK Group) company.
Installing air conditioning isn’t a simple task, and there are many considerations and decisions to look into:

Power supply

Air conditioners are power consumers and the building’s electric panel must be adjusted for this. Many times there is a need to add or remove parts at the panel, and sometimes also to increase the power supply to the building. Such action needed to be done only by professionals whom are certified to do so and in coordination with the power company. Near the place of the installation of each cooling unit must be installed a suitable power point, if using existing electrical pipes and if the transfer of additional external line. The job must be done by a qualified electrician.

Installing the cooling unit

In the event of normal upper air conditioning install, the cooling unit isn’t very heavy and its installation is relatively simple – drilling few holes in the wall and hanging the unit using suitable screws. In the case of central air conditioner installation it is much more difficult. The project involves lowering the ceiling using plaster, hanging the central unit, transferring cooling channels to the rest of the building while building transitions to fit and creating openings suitable for walls, closing all ceilings and passages with sheet metals or plaster and finally a skid and paint – great complicated job.

Differential Centrifuge

About differential centrifuge

In differential centrifuge the process of the centrifuge is processed several times when every time the sediment at the bottom is being removed and the centrifugal force is increased. After few times of purification processes performed by sedimentation equilibrium and the desire layer is taken for further analysis.


Industry’s CSK Group laboratory equipment suppliers explains how those centrifuges work.

Since different particles are coming in different sizes and different densities, each particle settles different in minimum centrifugal force. Thus the separation of the sample to different layers will be by centrifugation of the initial particle (e.g. cell content after dissolution) under week forces, removing sediment and then exposing the lotion to growing centrifugal forces. Every time different but specific material will be found at the bottom as sediment. An educated cycle of the method will provide different layers representing different parts of the original sample.


About centrifuges

Centrifuge is an instrument for separating materials, especially tiny particles suspended in liquid. The physical principal standing behind the method is the existence dependency between the aggregated material on walls of the centrifuge and the mass of its particles: With the rotation of the centrifuge, the particles in it are pushed toward the wall, but their density is in decline as they move away from the side – Materials with higher density, e.g. heavier, move and accumulate near the bottom of the test tube.

This action is called centrifuge and it’s being used much in biological research, in order to separate different materials. Example: use of centrifuge to isolate specific cell membranes or whole cells as part of creating the karyotype image.

Centrifuges in the industry

CSK Group the laboratory equipment suppliers explains the needs of centrifuges in the industry.

In certain industries centrifuges use to to separate the components of different specific mass mixed with a mixture. For example: in the process of uranium enrichment centrifuges are used to separate the two isotopes of the uranium in very high speed despite the tine mass difference between them. Another example is in dairy while using a centrifuge to separate the cream from the milk.

CSK Group – Laboratory Equipment Suppliers

CSK Group Laboratory equipment supplier

CSK Group provides equipment for laboratories, industries and research facilities as well service, maintenance and calibration for different systems through CSK Labtronics.

The company is committed for constant improvement of the quality of its services and is approved by the Australian standards.

CSK Group qualified experienced engineers and technicians at your service

The company’s office and workshops are located in Darra, Brisbane suburb, while providing services to the rest of Queensland and the Northern Territory. CSK Group is employing number of qualified experienced engineers and technicians.

CSK Group a laboratory equipment supplier representing Thermoline one of the best, well-known companies in the world in the field of laboratory equipment.

Carbon Dioxide Incubator

Carbon Dioxide Incubator latest technologies

With the latest technologies for growing cell cultures platforms for large volume, the CSK Group CO2 Incubator designed the convenience of using and having a volume of 0.7m. In the chamber there is a precise temperature control, IR CO2 control and humidity.

In this unit there is a mechanism for removing moisture and heat automatically and makes cleaning during the night to prevent fungus and other infections. Temperature range is from 10C over the environmental temperature up to 60c and controlled by RTD in drift resistant that gives long-term temperature stability. The temperature sensor requires minimal calibration.

Standard Features

Standard features CSK Group the laboratory equipment suppliers contain much more.

Infrared CO2 sensor keeps the ranges of 0-20%. The sensor measures carbon dioxide only and after opening the door allows quick return desirable conditions, enabling cultures to remain constant pH levels.

The CO2 sensor gives great performance over time, so no need to keep track of the values with an external device or re-calibration.

The incubator comes with transport wheels and fits through standard doorways transition.

A horizontal flow diffuses the airflow on each shelf, no matter where in the chamber.

Internal units are made of stainless steel allowing easy cleaning and resistant to corrosion.

Heated 3 layered glasses reduces condensation on the door and helps return target temperature after opening.

Flotation Baths

Plain water baths and shaking – Metal

Water bath are designed to maintain a constant temperature of different cultures with the possibility of carrying. Regular flotation baths and vibrate are made of steel while this type of bath is coming with mechanical thermostat.

CSK Group provide variety of laboratory products among them many types of water bathes, acting as Laboratory Equipment Suppliers, CSK Group provide digital and analogic water bath up to 100 degrees. Water baths with two separate cells with 2 seprate temperature thermostat up to 100 degrees.

Another type of laboratory equipment water bath with temperature control is the one with dual and side transparent to heat extra sensitive samples that require constant observation of the heating material and full control of the temperature. Another option is laboratory water bath with water circulation – in a heating model only or heating and cooling model.

Polycarbonate water baths

Flotation bath made of polycarbonate, the price includes 18 months guarantee. The water bath comes with thermostat regulating the temperature of up to 100 degrees. The bath includes: thermostatic heating system and polycarbonate container. At the bottom of the bath pierced surface acting as shield to the heating body.

Laboratory water bath have many other possibility for extensions and additions such as transparent cover, stainless steel cover, cover with an open for bottles, net to hold the bottles and more.

Commercial Metal Fabrication

Commercial Metal Fabrication

Custom sheet metal opens a new and exciting market opportunity for any perforated sheet metal project which can benefit both the supplier and the customer.

Custom fabrication - Sheet MetalsBasically, the perforation is generated by capturing the image’s colour by using a specific calculation / algorithm, and then all information is translated in a sophisticated way to create a pleasant perforated design which reflects the original image in some way for air conditioning or refrigeration ducting.

There are several considerations when designing a perforated sheet metal pattern based on an image. These considerations are recommended to make the perforated pattern design reflect the original image as closely as possible and to reflect the pattern that the designer wants to have. More, design, holes variation is likely to give a better result.

We, at CSK Group sheet metal and custom fabrication, work closely with our customers to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your order and that your project is completed on time. We are manufacturer of sheet metal parts; we have cnc machines for our tooling system, with punching and laser cutting available. It is our well-known level of service and our cutting edge technology that sets us apart from our competitors.

For sheet metal and general fabrication demands in Brisbane and nearby cities, CSK Sheetmetal can provide a quality product built for specific purpose.